Orange County – 1ml Disposable CBD Vape Pen – Banana Kush (600mg)



Banana Kush is our take on bringing this classic strain to the CBD vaping world. Bursting with flavour and packed with our award-winning CBD, this is as close to the authentic experience as you can get.

We use naturally sourced terpenes to recreate the unique taste of Banana Kush. These compounds, extracted alongside our CBD, give our disposable CBD vape pens a flavour that just can’t be matched.

Every one of our Banana Kush disposable CBD vape pens is packed with enough juice for 700 puffs, more than enough to leave even the most intense of vapers satisfied.

Made using 600mg of our broad-spectrum CBD, this heavily concentrated vape with deliver a powerful kick that can be felt within seconds.

*Please note that due to the high concentration of CBD in these devices, crystallisation may occur. Keep device warm and apply a small amount of heat. Proceed to heat coil and oil should liquidly.


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